Practicing the whole gospel in neighborhood partnerships.

This course is unpacked in Five Phases. Each stage presents a theological concept, a community development principle, some affective (heart) work and a list of tools and assignments to be carried out. We utilize interactive seminars, web-based, story-rich media, book readings, reflection papers, learning communities, and neighborhood rooted implementation activities to enhance learning.

Although this course is design as a series, each phase is a stand alone training and can be an effective, ministry strengthening tool on its own.

Who is Five Phases designed for?

  • Pastors looking for reliable outreach strategies that validate, energize and unleash lay people
  • Service minded church people and small groups seeking a robust theology of neighborhood engagement
  • Volunteers and congregations who wish to partner with schools, neighborhood associations, agencies and businesses

Below is a quick look at the phases and their topics:

Phase 1 - Trinitarian Theology and Reciprocity
How the Triune God relates to humankind as a pattern for human relationships that includes mutuality and reciprocity

Phase 2 - Missio Dei and ABCD
How God the pursuer leads his people to look for the potential gifts in individuals and neighborhoods

Phase 3 - Imago Dei and Collaborated Solutions
How God's image in everyone opens doors for neighborhood partnerships

Phase 4 - Incarnation and Relocation
How Jesus' move into the world calls his followers to be present with others

Phase 5 - Justice and Redistribution
How to reveal the just Kingdom of God in our neighborhoods