Friday Night Stories

Joe stands on the street corner sidewalk recounting his last three weeks; on the move from town to town with his pregnant girlfriend, trying to get into a recovery program for their Heroin addiction. Jane talks about her desperation to find her kids who have been taken from her by the government because she does not have a home to care for them in. Cher tells of her recent graduation from high school and of her anxiety about her unknown future. Friday Night Stories is an exercise in listening. We spend time on the streets making ourselves available to hear the stories of people in SE Portland.

Many times we can miss relational opportunities because we are slow to listen and quick to tell. Since relationship is vital to true communication, we think as Christ-followers with a beautiful message, we must get better at listening. To help in that growth, we try to listen to where God is breaking into the brokenness in SE Portland; listening for that through the stories of people we meet.

This is a regular outreach of Second Stories. Please contact us for information on how to participate.



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