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The Summer 2013 is over. Please contact us for future opportunities.

Internship Program Overview

Program Facilitators: Clark Blakeman, Andreas Lunden, Paul Utzman

Mission of Second Stories - Transforming Neighborhoods by Equipping Churches to Engage in Community Partnerships 

Internship Overview - Our aim with the Internship Program is to equip young people in urban missional leadership. The intern will explore the theo-praxis of God's gospel-mission mandate, contextualized and lived out in Portland. He or she will grow as an urban missional leader through a unique combination of theological processing and neighborhood based ministry involvement. Additionally, each intern has the option to choose an area of focus; church & neighborhood liaison, communications & social media, or business as mission.

Internship Objectives - The intern will learn a missional paradigm that increases his or her confidence in engaging contemporary culture. This includes coming along side churches and service agencies, creating connections, enabling mutual understanding and collaboration.

Cognitive goals - The intern will develop a critical mind through acquiring a comprehensive understanding for a theology of cultural engagement with direct implications for his or her contemporary life.

Affective goals - The intern will foster a charitable spirit while engaging culture in various ways.

Practical goals - The intern will acquire a creative imagination in pushing toward simplicity and feasibility of practice as he or she seeks to "incarnate" Christ in culture:

- Vocalizing the grace message - as an ordinary and simple lifestyle.

- Facilitating training for friends of Second Stories

- Engaging in co-productive church and neighborhood interaction

- Participating in community organizing

- Prophetically embodying "biblical justice"

- Intentionally forming "missional communities"

Pedagogy - The intern will encounter the power of experiential learning. During the entire span of the internship the neighborhood, the classroom, and the intern-cohort will function as a fusion of learning environments.

Internship Requirements - The intern will reside with a Second Stories approved host family in SE Portland, June through August. The intern will spend, weekly, approximately 6 hours processing together as a group, 12 hours of research through reading and writing, 18+ hours doing a variety of hands-on community work, and 4+ hours a week serving through a local church.

Qualifications for Prospective Interns - We are looking for young men and women who exhibit godly character, desire to develop an urban mission lifestyle for whatever career path they pursue, can live simply, and work well with people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives. 

Godly Character - exhibit the character qualities of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Urban Mission - desire to grow (teachable) in responding to sensitive urban issues such as, poverty, homelessness, at risk children, community development, etc.

Simplicity - frugality and flexibility, living cooperatively in host homes, values the experience as personal benefit

Cooperative - has cultural and racial sensitivities, finds good in different church traditions, doesn’t over-emphasize particular doctrinal issues, etc.

Topics and Reading List

Phase 1 Trinitarian Theology & Reciprocity

- Ministry in the Image of God, Stephen Seamands

- Facilitated group processing, reflection papers

Phase 2 Missio Dei & Asset Based Community Development

- When Helping Hurts, Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert

- ABCD Strategies Workshop conducted by Second Stories staff

Phase 3 Imago Dei & Collaborated Solutions for Neighborhoods

- Exiles; Living Missionally in a Post-Christian Culture, Michael Frost

- Facilitated group processing, reflection papers, agency research project

Phase 4 Incarnation & Relocation to Calling

- To Transform a City, Sam Williams and Eric Swanson

- Facilitated group processing, reflection paper, begin personal response project

Phase 5 Shalom & Social Justice

- Start Something that Matters, Blake Mycoskei

- Facilitated group processing, reflection paper, finish personal response project

Internship Speicializations

Church & Neighborhood Liaison - work with local church to assit and develop community engagement and outreach ministries.

Communications & Social Media - work with Second Stories to assist in developing creative communications; website, digital newletters, hard copy magazine, video and social media.

Business as Mission - work with a start up, urban farming business that focuses on profitability, promotes healthy eating, and empowers low-income families.

Sample Schedules - The following schedules are rough breakdowns of weekly involvements and are subject to change. The first 2-3 weeks will be Training and the following weeks will mostly be facilitating urban mission trips, applying what the intern has been learning.

2012 training sched


2012 trip sched



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