Asset Based Community Development (ABCD)

Asset Based Community Development is a powerful and inclusive approach to community development. Focus your effort on discovering and mobilizing the resources that are already present in your community. When people become more productive together - they exercise their power to address problems and realize dreams!

  • Learn to tap the potential of your neighborhood
  • Discover how to build more community engagement and involvement
  • Work on real life situations and develop action plans to take home, church or small group
  • Be challenged to be a good neighbor

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Below is a quick look at the principles and strategies of ABCD:

  1. Finding Assets & Gifts – (learning to look at people and neighborhoods as half-full, discerning the personal gifts and collective assets within)

  2. Uncovering What People Care about Enough to Act – (looks at how to engage in listening and learning conversations which reveal dreams and concerns that motivate people toward action)

  3. Distinguishing of Roles People and Programs – (individuals, grassroots associations, agencies, and institutions each have strengths and weaknesses, here we discover what they are and how to strive for balancing the best elements)

  4. Leading by Stepping Back – (helps organizations, churches, agencies to lead from a posture of humility, empowering others toward their own solutions, ideas and projects)

  5. Mobilizing Groups to Action – (what's next after discovering common interests? How do we create opportunities to work together?)

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