Redirection; Drilling for Sustainability

on Tuesday, 05 February 2013. Posted in Words

Plentiful Water, Sustainable Outcomes Anticipated From A New Approach


Here is a much-needed explanation of how the Lahash Servant Team’s Borehole Project that we began way back in November has progressed, and what’s next for reaching this vital water source for the kids of Amazing Grace Children’s Home. 

Footing; A Community Development New Year's Resolution

on Friday, 28 December 2012. Posted in Words

Enhance Your Community By Walking



Footing. That’s the term used to refer to walking in Uganda. And I’m beginning to believe it is a community development strategy par excellence no matter where you live.

People, most people anyway, use footing to travel around Adjumani, the town in Northern Uganda, where we live in temporarily. Of course there are other modes of transportation; boda boda (motorcyle), bicycle, even taxis and small “buses” modeled after the old Toyota Previa. But those are all expensive for the un and under employed - that is most of the workforce in town. So footing is the main mode of travel between home, market, church, neighbors, and field. Anytime of day or night, except I suppose, after midnight, you will see crowds of people lining the streets, out footing.

Off To Uganda

on Tuesday, 04 September 2012. Posted in Words

Blakemans Journey To Africa


Under 3 Weeks 'Til Take Off

Cathy, Sarah and I board a Delta/KLM flight to Entebbe, Uganda on September 21. On the way we'll make a week-long stop in Alborg, Denmark to visit our daughter, Elli.

Second Stories Goes to Uganda

on Saturday, 18 August 2012. Posted in Words

A Partnership Will Impact Vulnerable Children - and Us!


Introducing a Strategic Partnership

Through a new and strategic partnership with Lahash International Second Stories will send Clark, Cathy, daughter Sarah, and 2011 Summer Intern, Rick and his wife Haley Baker to Uganda for about 1 year starting in October 2012.

This is a huge opportunity for Second Stories! In brief, this partnership will benefit us through applying the community development principles we train others to engage in, it will give us experience in Aquaponics, a potential business/income stream for Second Stories, and it will be a time of invaluable personal and family enrichment for the team members. 


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