Meet Chris Duclos

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Meet Chris Duclos
Summer Internship Expectations - Part 2

Beginning June 13 a small group of young people will be stretched and shaped as followers of Jesus for the 21st century through Second Stories’ Summer Internship Program. They will focus on developing life practices for their spiritual formation, engaging neighbors and neighborhoods in ways that reveal the Kingdom of God, serving in local churches as outreach facilitators, and processing a theology of cultural engagement. We are very excited about the potential in this discipleship process.

Part of their responsibilities will be to write short reflection essays. We will be posting their thoughts periodically here on our blog. The first posts are around expectations and hopes for their experience. The following is
Chris Duclos...

Hi!  I’m Chris Duclos.  I live in Camas, Washington with my wonderful wife, Jamie, whom I’ve shared the last seven years of life with.  I was born in San Jose, California; grew up around Redding, California; and moved up to the Pacific Northwest as I married Jamie who is native to Vancouver, Washington.  Since marrying, I returned to school and completed a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies at Regent University in Virginia, and a Master of Divinity at Multnomah University in Portland, Oregon.  Having been out of school for a year now, I am currently preparing to move to France with Jamie to serve Christ and His Church in a land where God has largely been rejected for hundreds of years now.  We desire to participate with both French nationals and foreigners, proclaiming Christ through both words and deeds.

In proclaiming Christ, there is often an emphasis on either words or deeds, to the detriment of the other, as if one must be chosen over the other.  But proclaiming Christ in both word and deed is essential, as was modeled by Jesus.  Jesus proclaimed Himself and the kingdom through His teachings to His disciples, to the crowds, and to individuals along the way.  And He performed many miracles, or signs, that confirmed His message and who He was—the promised Messiah, the Son of God.  Just as Jesus employed words and deeds to declare that He was the very Word of God, so too must we live lives full of words and deeds, which pronounce Christ’s Kingdom come. When we live in this manner, we portray who God is, and that we are His.

Through formal, academic education, I have learned much about God’s message (though I have by no means mastered it!).  And through my ongoing internship with the “New Wine” community of Multnomah University (The Institute for the Theology of Culture: New Wine, New Wineskins -, I am learning to authentically live a life of union and communion with Christ and a community of Christ-followers, while “bearing witness to Christ in contemporary culture.”

The three elements of union, communion, and co-mission are also key, in my estimation, for Second Stories.  (Co-mission is hyphenated here to emphasize our participation with God— for we do not do it alone.)  During this summer internship with Second Stories, I hope to further engage these elements of union, communion, and co-mission through meaningful relationships with God, Second Stories workers and interns, and the local community.  I hope to be shaped further into the image of Christ through these relationships, and to shape others as well, all the while learning to more fully bear witness to Christ through word and deed.

Thanks for taking a couple minutes to hear a part of my story!

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Clark Blakeman

Clark Blakeman

Clark is the founder of Second Stories. He conducts the bulk of our training while also establishing partnerships in SE Portland and beyond.

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